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John Holland

I have been a writer, author, and poet, even a creator of stories with a pathway to revealing a refreshing way to love life. I have awakened from my slumber many nights to transform those dreams by putting ink to paper and filling them with reality. I have transferred so many memories onto paper; I hope they last forever. I welcome readers’ eyes to tour my imagination. It is open for the universe to gaze. You can call this a memoir, story, or collection of stories. Some of the accounts are not chronicled; some chapters will change the habitual human need to believe in everything that the world says is real or what we have been programmed to believe.
This novel is a breakaway from the world system of writing. I wrote these chapters over many days and nights while running with only a small notebook and an ink pen as tools.
Lace up your Go Fasters, and let’s run away very far…..

John Edward Holland enjoys endurance running and lives on the Island of Coronado, California, with his wife, Carla.

Being a bandit runner is not fair to all of the volunteers that give of their free time. It’s not fair for a bandit runner to take advantage of the hydration and food that is rationed for the runners who pay to participate.
Pacers are the help in time of need. Pacers are advanced endurance runners who help guide a runner from the start of a race to its completion. Pacers are mainly used during trail and all-night ultramarathons. Race directors usually waive entry fees for pacers because they work very hard to help the runners reach their goals.
The running gear and what to pack for the run from head to toe: The following is some of the gear that helps me complete my running goals. Keep in mind: If the runner’s gear doesn’t fit or work properly, don’t wait to find out on race day. Know your running gear before running. When everything has been tested, that will help you enjoy the marathon race to the fullest. The same care should be taken with all foods that you ingest while training before.